A taster of some of the topics I can share on,

each presentation is tailored to the specific client,

no generic presentations here.

Starting point

A decade of Start-ups:
What navigating small business in MEDIA has taught me

I have spent the past decade initiating and completing Media projects in an ever changing landscape. Navigating a business from the introduction of Social Media in business strategy, to multi-platform entertainment and the change from the Television to  On-Demand entertainment economy.

This has taught me a thing or two about the advantages of staying nimble, humble and keeping an apetite for trend-forecasting.

I love to share these experiences, and the lessons they have taught that can make your life much easier.

“This is the stuff I wish I had known starting-out.

I hope I can be a springboard to other’s to breeze over some of the obstacles I encountered. ”                              – Julie


Tackling goliaths:
how SA Opportunities
can work for you

South Africa is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Funds, grants, Development Agency’s, loans and Incubators. However not all that glitters is gold.

Knowing which opportunities are worth your time is difficult to discern for a busy business owner. 

This is a presentation using personal experience with various funding, parastatal and finance systems and how to make them work to help not hinder your business. 


The Mark of success:
How to fail before 30
and come out on top

If you dont expect to fail, you’re in for a surprise.

Entrepreneurs need to know how to reinvent their product and business faster than Microsoft sends Windows updates. Fast solution-based thinking in the face of failure is what seperates good entrepreneurs from great ones.

Using examples of my experiences, this presentation will inspire you to harness solution based thinking to overcome roadblocks in your business, and realise that failure isn’t always a bad thing in building a business.

MEdia Expertise

Social Media:
How to use it to better your business now

Time is the greatest asset any entrepreneur never has enough of. Sales is number two.

Harnessing Social Media you can market more directly, automate client relationship management, and increase sales.

If you’re not using social media effectively, let me explain some of the basic principals that you can start with today. 


Let me deep dive to unpack exactly what your competitors are doing that you aren’t, and explain how you can improve.

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