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When I met Julie I imagine my life was synonymous to a dying flower; I was broken, defeated and worn-out by the everyday struggles of small business. Her presence became like the sun to me and her positive energy, kindness and patience watered and nurtured me back to life. You are an amazing mentor and it is great pleasure to know you

Lonwabo Nqcwayi

Photographer - Entrepreneur, uLonwabo Images

Julie Coetzee’s input into our media training was personalized and fit for purpose. Her delivery was down to earth and at all times met the level of the participants who were mostly from grassroots NGOs in the rural Eastern Cape. Her method of storytelling – showing rather than telling – was thoroughly enjoyed!

Chengetai R Chikadaya

Special Projects Coordinator, Eastern Cape Communication Forum

As someone who is just entering the world of entrepreneurship, it has been helpful to work closely with someone who is as strong willed and compassionate as Julie is and to see how she navigates the sometimes murky waters of being one’s own boss. Through her example, you see how important it is to not be apologetic about your ideals and aims within the many spaces one may choose to occupy and as such to commit and follow through your vision

Suliwe Sihlwayi

DJ - Entrepreneur, Independent Entreprenuer

Julie is without a doubt a leader and a big ideas person. She has an undeniable ability to bring out the gold in people and situations which is a gift that not many people have. I have walked alongside Julie for many years and I can wholeheartedly say that she is a visionary with a heart of compassion. She is destined for great things and I cannot wait to see this next chapter unfold for her.

Mireille Paul

Creative - Entrepreneur, Mireille Paul Creative